Buying abroad guide

This guide has been compiled by Rightmove Overseas with support throughout from expert advisors and sponsors to provide you with accurate advice to highlight the key areas when buying abroad.

Moving In To Your Property

Without doubt the most exciting part of the process, but one which does require some thought to avoid any hiccups which might detract from your enjoyment on and after moving day.

Think about...

  • How are you transporting your belongings to your new property?
  • Are your belongings insured upon arrival?
  • Do you need to buy anything you could not bring or didn't already have?
  • Is the property itself insured?
  • If you are letting the property at any point are those using it insured against personal injury?
  • What will the total cost of the move be including some contingency?


With UK properties most of us have both buildings and contents insurance and it is no different with international properties, it's prudent to protect yourself as much as possible so if something unwanted occurs during the move or following it, you are not at a loss.

There are a number of specialist insurers who offer both contents and buildings insurance. Where international property policies differ to most standard UK policies, is that some policies also offer personal cover for those using your property, for example as a holiday rental, this is especially important if you are letting out your property for part or all of the year, without it, if someone injures themselves you may be liable. Get in touch with a number of companies to gather as much info as possible and find the best cover for you.

Removals & Shipping

Many of us will take all or some of our belongings with us if emigrating abroad. When arranging which removals company to use ensure you speak to a number to establish the best price and also the best way of doing things. There are a number of options including Sea or Air freight and also the opportunity the group your items with those from other individuals or companies, which helps lower the cost. The British Association of Removers (BAR) is the industry trade body a good place to start to look for prospective companies to work with.


Be sure to allocate adequate budget for these final stages of the move to cover the moving of your existing possessions as well as the purchase of new ones and subsequent insurance of both items and your new property.

Expert Opinion

Grant Bishop

Making decisions on what to take with you when relocating to another country is not always top of the priority list. However, early consideration and fact finding can help you to budget and plan, making your move abroad stress free.

Grant Bishop

International Director of Bishop's Move

Insurance Zone

If you're planning to purchase a second home overseas it's important to make sure you have the right insurance protection, especially if you plan to rent it out. Visit our overseas property insurance page in partnership with Intasure for help, advice and a quote for insuring a home overseas.

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