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Looking for a home in your dream location but not quite sure you can believe the prices? Maybe you are just curious about how much the house next door really sold for?

Rightmove can help! We bring the latest Sold House Price Information to your computer, straight from the Land Registry and the Registers Of Scotland. Our house prices checker tool is on hand.

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Looking to sell, but not sure what your property is worth? Maybe you are just wondering what competing properties are being marketed at?

The Rightmove Price Comparison report brings together Rightmove, Land Registry and Registers of Scotland current and historic prices in one place.

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If you are looking to sell, buy or just want to know what's happening in the property market in your area, then Rightmove can help.

Rightmove Market Trends uses the biggest set of property information to provide you with an insight into market activity in your area. See how many properties there are available to buy, average prices paid and how many have sold.

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The Rightmove House Price Index is the leading indicator of residential property prices in England, Scotland and Wales.

Biggest ever monthly price jump sets new record high as movers fear missing out


The February edition of the Rightmove House Price Index is now available. Based on circa 95% of newly marketed property, the Rightmove House Price Index is the leadingindicator of residential property prices in England, Scotland and Wales.

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