Buying abroad guide

This guide has been compiled by Rightmove Overseas with support throughout from expert advisors and sponsors to provide you with accurate advice to highlight the key areas when buying abroad.

Financing Your Property Purchase

Buying a property wherever it's located is one of life's biggest purchases, so it's important you plan accordingly, especially when it comes to your finances. That said there's no need to panic, there are numerous professionals on hand to assist you when you are ready to take the plunge. In the run up to that stage, do as much of your own research as possible, this will help you establish those questions you can't answer yourself and need expert input on, that way you will be fully prepared to utilise professional assistance to the fullest. All this will help ensure you are as informed as possible going into the process, giving you peace of mind and helping protect you against unwanted difficulties later.

Think about...

  • Is cash purchase an option?
  • Will you need a mortgage and for how much?
  • What will you need to pay and when?
  • Are there additional costs, such as legal fees?
  • Do you have a pension you could invest in overseas property?
  • If you choose to sell later what costs may be involved there, such as tax for example?


There are three options available if you require a mortgage to purchase. You can re-mortgage your UK property, take out a new mortgage from a UK lender to buy overseas, or borrow from abroad via a specialist broker.

Once you have determined your budget and conducted some research you may wish to speak with all of the above to enable you to weigh up options and decide which suits you best.

Did you know?

You can now invest your pension into overseas property

Pension Investment

A number of specialist intermediaries are now available in the market to give you more information on this. They will also put you in touch with an FSA regulated Independent Financial Advisor who can talk you through this option in more detail and help you decide if it's right for you.

Expert Opinion

Stephen Brown

Buying a property abroad is a complex process; getting finance for the property also varies a great deal between countries. Finance and legal systems abroad can be very confusing and costly if something goes wrong. Obtaining professional advice is very important.

Stephen Brown

Overseas Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Zone

If you are considering financing your overseas property purchase with borrowing, it's important to get professional advice as early in the buying process as possible. Visit our Overseas Mortgage help page to find a provider that specialises in the country you're planning to buy in.

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